MSMS Library


            Our architecture class visited the Marshall Simonds Middle School to check out their renovations and the new library, or theMedia Center. From the outside the space just looked incredible. The new look is very inviting and modern. As I first entered the Media Center the first thing I noticed was how roomy it seemed. The space is large but the layout makes it seem even bigger and more spacious then it really is. I was shock and the first impression of the space made me excited to check out even more about it. Another great thing I noticed was the comfort level of the space as a whole. Theres a ton of space for kids to relax and read a book or do school work. They even have comfy chairs! Also, the natural sunlight from the huge windows along the walls made for a great overall feeling and look.I would genuinely love to work in this space and I would never even feel like I was in school. Multiple classes can fit in this space as well which is always helpful. They have a Mac computer lab, a conference room and a flexible area for presentations and group gatherings. Our High School library is an oversized, loud, and dirty place that isn't inviting. The Media Center at the Middle School is completely different. The Media Center has it all and I want to include this all into my design to create another great library in Burlington.

The 2012 Discover Design Project was to redesign your schools cafeteria. The winner of this contest was Steven. Overall, I love his design and I completely understand why he won the contest. First of all I liked the look of his design. The appearance both inside and out were modern and cool and I really enjoyed it. Also, he showed all his work and each step of his design which is a big plus. Lastly, he was able to show in design in a number of different ways. He had floor plans, images, and models that all made his entry a clear winner. I like the winners design the best and felt he put in all the work needed for a winning  project. There wasn't a thing I would have changed because I thoroughly enjoyed looking at and learning from his design. He was the clear winner in my opinion.
Using a program called Sketch Up I was able to create a realistic dream house. This house is 3D on the program and it allows you to edit everything from wall sizes to the addition of different materials to your house or building. I enjoyed making my dream house on this program and can't wait for the next step of the project which includes using a 3D printer to create scaled replicas and models.

Cardboard Room


As a class our assignment was to create a room where all the furniture was made of cardboard. No tape, to glue, only cardboard. We divided up the furniture within our groups and made furniture that would complement each other. My group created the cardboard frame and deer hanging on the back wall. In the end we created a functional room made out of cardboard for this display in the gallery that easily displayed our work in a unique and interesting way.
When this project was assigned I was very excited! As a class we had learned about company's making furniture out of cardboard but I instantly knew what I wanted to create. I didn't want to make a chair or bed because that had been done, so I decided to do something I hadn't seen. I chose to create cardboard art, a cardboard picture frame with artwork that would tie a room together when combined with other groups furniture.
I started to think about how I was going to make such a thing out of one piece of cardboard. I made a few different little designs to see if it could even be done. Once my group and I had assembled a few ideas we chose on. We chose a frame with 45 degree angles in the corners because we felt it was very recognizable as a frame and looked very nicely.
Once that was decided we got to work on a small prototype to test the idea. We put one together then realized we needed art work to go in it. We couldn't put a drawing or painting inside because the only material we could use was cardboard. We brainstormed and came up with a 3D picture that would jump out of the frame to the view. That was something really unique and innovative. We decided to do a deer looking out with a turned head because that type of image is pretty common and it would be our way to adding our only embellishments and ideas to a proven piece of art work. Once we did that we thought using different texture would help make our image even better so we came up with a great frame by peeling a layer.
Once we decided the prototype was good we got to work on the final piece. This piece had to be great so we had to focus. We put a lot of time into the measurements and cuts to make it look the best it could. We put everything together in a larger scale and created out final piece. However, there was a problem. When we enlarged our design it took away the sturdiness of our frame corners. They weren't flush against one another so we improvised. We used pieces of cardboard to cover the space that didn't look great and made all the corners look the same. We made it look as though that was our primary idea and it turned out great!
What did you create a prototype of?
Cardboard Picture Frame with 3D Deer.

What challenges did you encounter when building the prototype?
Some challenges I encountered during the building of the prototype were basic. I could picture what I wanted to create in my mind but it was hard to actually make it happen. I had to go through several prototypes before deciding on one. Also, the size was rather large for a prototype but still the small cuts and precise measure needed for a frame were difficult.

Please describe how you solved these challenges
I just say down and focused. I used the picture I had in my head and just problem solved. Once I found a solution that work a little I built off it. I used a basic design at first and once I got the basics down that is when I made it more elaborate.

Did the prototype turn out like your original sketch? Why or Why not?
The prototype doesn't exactly match the sketch. This is because I could decide what I wanted to do really. I knew I wanted the frame and that came of very close to the drawing. However, the deer was a collaboration with Tanaka and we had to change that around a lot to work.

What was your role in the group? Leader, worker, designer, etc.
I feel like I was all three roles in the group. I feel I came up with great designs for sure. Also, I am very hands on so I was involved in working on it and also because it was mainly my vision I dictated work and listened for improvements.

How would you describe your work ethic and use of time during class?
I feel I am a very hard worker. When my mind is set on something I go all out and get it done. I think we were all laxidasical workers to some degree. We knew there was no rush on this project and all took our time. However, when a deadline was given I worked very hard to get things done and I often found myself puttin away materials after the last bell of the day because I just didn't want to stop before it was 100% complete.

Before reading this article I only knew of two, Michelangelo and Ray and Charles Eames. However, I have heard of them and may know a little background history, but I wanted to look further into Michelangelo. Michelangelo was a famous Italian Renaissance architect as well as a number of other things. Michelangelo was born on March 6, 1475 in Italy. He was born into a family known for banking but at an early age he became an apprentice to a painter. Later, he decided to study sculpture in the gardens of the famous Medici family. All through his life he was given great oppritunities to show his talent and art and he never disappointed. He was known as an artistic virtuoso and when you think of the Italian Renaissance you can't help but think of Michelangelo.
Laurentian Library
Medici Chapel
Palazzo Farnese
Saint Peter's Basilica
Porta Pia
As an architect, Michelangelo didn't produce that much work. He surely created some amazing buildings and architectural work however compared to all the art he has created in his life his architecture is scarce. However, despite this his architecture is amazing, elegant, and beautiful. A lot of his work involves other aspects of art and when he didn't design buildings himself he added to their beauty with sculptures or painting, for example The Sistine Chapel's ceiling. Overall, I love Michelangelo's work and he seemed so ahead of his time. I think Michelangelo was a great architect and above that I think he was potentially the greatest artist of all time!

Famous Building


The building that inspires me the most is the Colosseum in Rome. This building inspires me the most because of it's durability and history. The Colosseum has was home to gladiators and exotic animals in Ancient Rome and anyone nearby would find themselves there for a show. Also, it had hidden rooms and chambers under ground and I feel for this time that was amazing and probably didn't even seem possible at the time. Over time this building is still one of the most recognizable and famous in the world. It's inspiring to think about how long this building has stood and how long it has a perfect symbol of architecture.
      Today my architecture class visited Bergmeyer Associates in Boston. At Bergmeyer and Associates we met Daniel Ricardelli, a former student of our teacher, and he told us a lot about how much he loved architecture. Also, he told us about his journey through and after high school and gave us a lot of information about what he does on a daily basis and what he plans to accomplish.We also met Bill Spaulding who took us on a tour of their space. He explained everything from wall colors to specific jobs he does on a daily basis. Also, he told us a little more about the company. He told us about their clients and past projects they've even completed in our hometown, along with LEED buildings they've worked on and are extremely proud of. Lastly, we met Janet Tatten who told us what we need to do to make a good impression and hopefully one day get an internship or even a paying job with companies like Bermeyer and Associates.
      Later, my class walked over to the Boston Society of Architecture, or the BSA Space. Here my class enjoyed looking at visual artwork that was displayed. Mary Fichtner gave us a tour of their galleries and everything was amazing. In a short period of time she showed us a great deal of artwork and I really enjoyed everything I saw. My class was inspired by small models of buildings and we cannot wait to get started on our own models later in the year.

      Overall, Boston is a great city when studying architecture. The views of both spaces we visited were both beautiful and inspiring. It must be a little easier to work as an architect when your surrounded by so much of it in Boston to inspire you. I learned a lot about the daily routines of architects as well as the process it takes to become one. I loved this field trip and had an amazing time!
This is my favorite chair in my house, mainly because it is the biggest and most comfortable. First of all, the struts in this chair allow it to hold a large load so there is no risk of it breaking on me. Secondly, the ergonomics are evident in this chair because it basically fits perfectly with my body. The compression on the back and seat allow my body to sink in a little and it creates a very comfortable seat for me. Lastly, this chair is capable of swaying and this is always a relaxing and fun element in a chair. For these reasons, this chair is my favorite within my house.

IKEA was the first company in the world to realize the benefits of flat pack furniture. This company ships furniture in parts to reduce space and lower shipping costs, and give the buyer the full experience of putting their furniture together themselves. Recently, to kick off a 40% company sale, IKEA has come out with a new line of furniture that can be made with the typical shipping packages. With these flat cardboard boxes someone can put together a lamp, chair, and even a bed. Once again, ALL FROM CARDBOARD! This idea pays tribute to their original flat pack ideas and takes it one step further. Lastly, this idea is just another way to show how the company saves resources in today's world.


    This blog is intended to show the work I have done as I continue through my Architecture course.