What does an Architect do for a client?
They are responsible for translating the needs of a specific client into a physical, built solution.

What is the Architects greatest responsibility?
The greatest responsibility of an Architect is to find a solution to what has been given to them in an efficient, legal, appealing, and overall safe way to make a wonderful piece of work.

What are three options for education if you want to become an architect?
1. A five or six year program, leading to a Bachelor of Architecture Degree.
2. A four year undergraduate, followed by a two year Architecture program, leading to a Master of Architecture Degree.
3. A three or four year Master of Architecture Degree for students who received an undergraduate in another field of study.

Is education enough to become a professional Architect?

How do you become a registered Architect?
To become registered as a professional Architect it involves a structured internship and a completion of a rigorous exam. Completion of an IDP and ARE are essential to become registered.

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