What is Design?


Design Is...
Chairs, desks, computers, light, posters, clothes, shoes, iPads, books, printers, cabinets, flags, backpacks, sketchbooks, photographs, flooring, tiles, windows...

Design Is...
Is there value in testing an idea. Have they ever experimented with a new way of doing something? 
There is great value in testing ideas, therefor you can find the best solution for whatever you are trying to create or solve. All the time people are trying to one-up one another's designs and ideas to make them more appealing or more efficient. Testing ideas is a great step in the design process and it is essential.

Have  you ever applied this kind of process in your life? Think of an object you consider to be an example of good design and describe it's form and function. Does the object you selected meets your needs in terms of form and function. 
The Marble Run Project is an example where I had to apply this process. I had to make a fully functioning marble run but it also had to be aesthetically pleasing as well. Out of our vast materials my group made a functional marble run and that was the goal. To finish it off and make it pleasing to the eye we touched it up, testing different ideas that we though would give it a finished product look. Our needs and criteria were met and the form and function also met my team's needs.

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