MSMS Library


            Our architecture class visited the Marshall Simonds Middle School to check out their renovations and the new library, or theMedia Center. From the outside the space just looked incredible. The new look is very inviting and modern. As I first entered the Media Center the first thing I noticed was how roomy it seemed. The space is large but the layout makes it seem even bigger and more spacious then it really is. I was shock and the first impression of the space made me excited to check out even more about it. Another great thing I noticed was the comfort level of the space as a whole. Theres a ton of space for kids to relax and read a book or do school work. They even have comfy chairs! Also, the natural sunlight from the huge windows along the walls made for a great overall feeling and look.I would genuinely love to work in this space and I would never even feel like I was in school. Multiple classes can fit in this space as well which is always helpful. They have a Mac computer lab, a conference room and a flexible area for presentations and group gatherings. Our High School library is an oversized, loud, and dirty place that isn't inviting. The Media Center at the Middle School is completely different. The Media Center has it all and I want to include this all into my design to create another great library in Burlington.

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